Who We Are

Our Mission

HOUSE OF ASHER believes in combating wastefulness and encouraging a more thoughtful marketplace by sourcing inspiring and high-quality goods from brands that bring their products to market responsibly. 

From the Founder

At some point in my late 20s, cooking became more of a meditation than a chore. I began to approach the process with reverence. It became a daily practice in patience, humility, and wonder. 

As I moved about my kitchen day after day, I began to observe an incongruity between the respect with which I approached the art of cooking and the tools I used in that process. My value pack of plastic cooking utensils and warped, nonstick pans had been loyal kitchen companions, but they lacked a thoughtfulness that had entered the rest of my process. So, slowly, I began finding kitchen objects that captivated me in the same manner as finding a new recipe or discovering a new ingredient. Objects that would inspire me with each use, but that weren’t so dear that I wouldn’t put them to task and even pass them on to inspire others. Objects that could be admired for their design and craftsmanship, but also for the responsible manner in which they came to be.

I’m thrilled that you’re here and hope that HOUSE OF ASHER becomes the shop that you trust to find goods that will find a cherished place in your home.

Christina Handal